Magnetometer Surveys

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Magnetometer Surveys

Stratus Aeronautics has been developing our magnetometer payload for several years. A magetometer is a geophysical instrument that measures the strength of Earth’s magnetic field. Geologic features and metal objects can alter the local magnetic field. These changes can be measured by conducting an airborne survey and can be identified on a map.

Magnetometers have been used around the world to locate valuable resources such as iron, gold, diamonds and petroleum. They are also used to locate unexploded ordinance and buried metallic objects such as steel pipes.

Stratus Aeronautics Surveys

Sanatana Release

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Minimal Noise

Stratus Aeronautics has been able to achieve better than industry standard noise levels in our raw magnetic data.

The picture above is a 4th difference plot from one of our commercial surveys.

Diverse conditions

Stratus Aeronautics has a number of UAV platforms which allows us to fly in a variety of weather conditions.

Remote Locations

Remote locations are not a problem for our UAVs or our team.